Cakes that are guaranteed to be luscious

We are into luscious, mouth-watering and delicious!


Helen’s Kitchen Catering make one-off cakes to order, but please give us several days’ notice. We have an everchanging selection of cakes and sweet things.


To name a few…

Coffee syrup cake with coffee mousse filling and caramel and walnuts

Lemon and orange syrup cake
Hummingbird gateau (banana and pineapple with layers of lemon cream cheese)
Carrot cake with lemon cream cheese layers
Israeli date cake
Pear and gingerbread cake with caramel sauce
Lemon curd cake
Chocolate fruit meringue torte
Tiramisu gateau
Greek coconut cake
Spicy apple cake with caramel sauce


Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate mousse layered gateau

Rich chocolate torte with berry coulis
Mississippi mud cake
Chocolate sunset fudge cake with fresh apricot preserve
Chocolate and mascarpone with raspberry roulade
Chocolate truffle torte


Christmas Cakes

We have been making the same Christmas cake for 15 years now, and it has become a perennial favourite. Made with fruit that has been marinated for a month prior to baking topped with dried fruit and nuts, and glazed.

Call us and put in your order. Available in range of sizes.


Sweet flans and Cheesecakes

Lemon meringue tart

Chocolate walnut and rum tart
Plum and almond with crumble topping
Lemon flan
Cherry laden cheesecake
Kahlua and white chocolate cheesecake
Caramel, ricotta cheesecake



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