Corporate Catering & Working Lunches

Helen’s Kitchen Catering provides food and catering services for businesses and corporations to the greater Wellington Kapiti region

From catering for corporate events and conferences, to providing working lunches and morning and afternoon teas.


Sample menu…

Working Lunch

Fiscelle rolls with champagne ham/pastrami, with mustard/chutney and fresh salad ingredients, egg and cheese and the kitchen’s own aioli

Wholegrain sandwiches with meat and fresh salad fillings
(Both of the above with vegetarian options)
Sushi – vegetarian and teriyaki chicken
Spinach, feta and spiced potato pie
Savoury tartlets – chicken and mushroom; ricotta, tomato and basil
Sweet slice – baking of the day
Fresh fruit platter


Working Lunch - Buffet

Baked and glazed ham on the bone with mustard and chutney condiments

Lemon and garlic marinated chicken drumsticks served on lemon and herb couscous with basil dressing
Potato, bacon and avocado salad with aioli dressing
Tossed green salad with balsamic dressing
Greek pasta salad with tomato, olives, cucumber and peppers
Basket of fresh bread
Platter of sweet treats to finish


Morning and Afternoon tea

Muffins (large to baby size)

Lemon curd
Berry, chocolate and cream cheese and many more



Date and lemon
Cheese and eggplant chutney pinwheels
Feta, roasted pepper and rosemary
Baby scones with preserves and cream



Triple layered finger
Asparagus/smoked chicken aioli rolls)


Savoury items

Quiche (various fillings)
Ricotta tomato and basil tartlets
Caramalised onion and blue cheese tartlets


Sweet Treats

Fudge brownies

Lemon citrus slice
Ginger crunch
Chocolate caramel slice
Carrot cake


Seasonal fresh fruit platter
Kapiti cheeses and crackers


All dietary requirements are catered for. 



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